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02. März 2021

GeMUN 2021

The 18th annual edition of the Genoa Model United Nations took place from 18 th to 20 th February
2021 with the general theme of “Rethinking the Future”. And that is exactly what the over 200
participants from all over the world did: In four online committees they discussed current issues such
as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and severe police force and tried to come up with viable
For the second time GeMUN also hosted a model version of the International Court of Justice in
which the real case of “Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Palestine v. United
States of America” was tried. The conference, which is mainly organized by the students themselves,
went seamlessly and all of our DSG students were able to prove their debating skills by passing their
clauses and resolutions as well as receiving several prestigious awards.
Year 12 students Gabriele and Andrea dealt with the question the international distribution of the
COVID-19 vaccine in the Economic and Social Council and received the “Best Delegate Award”
(Gabriele) and an “Honorable Mention” (Andrea). The two of them are not only a great team but also
our most experienced delegates. It was their final GeMUN conference as students of our school and
they will be greatly missed next year.
Cecilia (year 11) took over the highly sensible role of Delegate of the USA in Security Council and was
able to not only get all her clauses passed but to also receive an “Honorable Mention”. Her classmate
Alberto acted as an advocate of the winning applicant party in the ICJ trial and impressed the judges
with his performance. Carlotta acted as managing officer and helped manage UNESCO behind the
scenes. She also acted in the position of Chair of this committee and was indispensable in the
organization of the conference.
Our three newest delegates of year 9, Zoe, Fabiola and Ginevra, took heart and presented their
resolutions in the biggest committee, the General Assembly, in front of over 60 participants. When
put under pressure they worked together as a team and were very successful in getting all of their
resolutions passed. What a great start to a triumphant GeMUN career - way to go, girls!
When we set out to experience this year’s GeMUN edition for the first time online we were unsure of
what to expect. In conclusion, we can quote the phrase used in the Closing Ceremony “We made
history and overturned traditions” – and greatly enjoyed ourselves doing so.