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27 Novembre 2021

GeMiniMUN 26th November 2021

This year’s GeMiniMUN conference took place on the November 26th at Liceo Grazia Deledda under the motto “The well-being of the planet and the people”. Topics such as “Mental Health in Schools”, “Universal Standards for the Treatment of Prisoners” and “Tackling the Issue of Wildlife Exploitation to Reduce the Risk of Pandemics” were discussed in different committees. The Deutsche Schule Genua was represented by eleven new delegates from classes 9 and 10, who took heart and practiced their debating skills with students from Liceo Grazia Deledda and Deledda International School. Zoe, Ginevra and Fabiola of class 10 headed conferences as chairs. Alberto of class 12 represented a judge in the International Court of Justice and Carlotta, also class 12, headed GeMiniMUN as Secretary General. We all hope that we will be able to meet again in person in February 2022 for the 19th annual session of GeMUN - “Minding the Gap”.